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KYY "Beyond Flesh - Beyond Matter - Beyond Death" digiCD


Debut full-length album of those aggressive and non-compromising blasphemers from Finland. Same in-your-face attitude as on the debut EP last year, more anger!

Kyy ([ky?], meaning "viper" in Finnish) is a black metal band founded in 2013 in Lahti, Finland. Formed by five entities, the black viper’s sole purpose is to spawn an antithesis to existence of the universe and to serve the Great Unknown. As such, Kyy's debut EP, Travesty of Light, consisted of four blood-drenched tracks recorded during the autumn/winter of 2014 and which then led to a record deal with Saturnal Records. The EP saw the day of light on the 17th of August 2015 worldwide. The date also introduced the band's first live performances, the first of which took place at Rooster Death Fest in their hometown of Lahti.

Now, with that experience in the studio and onstage buffering their ambitions yet further, Kyy are prepared to unleash their grand statement: their debut album, suitably (and ambitiously) titled Beyond Flesh - Beyond Matter - Beyond Death. Whilst remaining very much sonically the same as they were on Travesty of Light, the Kyy of Beyond Flesh - Beyond Matter - Beyond Death is a bolder and more brazen version of the band. Here, the quintet's straightforward and uncompromising black metal is given both more in-your-face rock 'n' roll attitude and yet also a deeper concentration/consecration of esoterica, bursting at the seams with scathing 'n' robust energy shot through with the chaos magick of Satanism and the Left-Hand Path.

Truly, it is a sound that twists and turns much as the serpent, striking and recoiling and striking again with an almost-methodical grace, yet nearly submitting to beautiful, terrible disorder. Armed with a production that expertly balances clarity and crush, rawness and a regal bearing, Beyond Flesh - Beyond Matter - Beyond Death takes Kyy to the very maw of the Beyond and then back - and surely the listener, as well. Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

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